Fab Over 40 Contest

Fab Over 40 Contest

Franca Jalloh: Empowering Beats in the Fab Over 40 Contest with TN Global World Music Group”

Welcome to the vibrant intersection where music and beauty harmonize to celebrate life’s seasoned chapters. TN Global World Music Group, a beacon of global sounds and cultural beats, proudly supports Franca Jalloh in the Fab Over 40 Contest. We’re inviting our passionate music fan base to join in and cast a vote for a woman whose rhythm in life resonates with the powerful music we all love.

Celebrate the Rhythm of Life with Franca Jalloh

Fab Over 40 Contest
Fab Over 40 contest Franca Jalloh

Franca Jalloh’s melody is one of resilience and inspiration. As an immigrant from Sierra Leone, she has orchestrated a symphony of service through Jalloh’s Upright Services of NC, harmonizing the needs of immigrants and refugees with the community’s resources. Now, she’s taking the stage in the Fab Over 40 Contest, proving that beauty, like music, knows no age.

The Melodic Harmony of the Fab Over 40 Contest

This contest is not just a pageant; it’s a crescendo of life stories, a chorus of achievements, and a dance of diversity. The Fab Over 40 Contest partners with NewBeauty magazine and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, amplifying the message that beauty and inspiration can uplift and support meaningful causes.

Vote for the Symphony of Strength: Franca Jalloh

Fab Over 40 Contest
Fab Over 40 contest Franca Jalloh

Franca’s life is a testament to the ageless spirit of Greensboro and the global music community. By voting for her, you’re not just applauding her journey; you’re amplifying the voice of every woman who carries the melody of strength and elegance in their hearts. Let your vote be the drumbeat that paves her way to victory.

Fab Over 40 Contest Rules

For those who follow the rhythm of fairness and empowerment, here’s a quick recap of the contest’s rules:

  • Eligibility: Open to soulful women who’ve celebrated at least 40 trips around the sun.
  • Entry: Share your life’s song at votefab40.com with a photo that captures your essence.
  • Voting: Let the public’s applause decide. Competitors cannot vote for themselves, and all voters must be of age to cast a ballot.
  • Schedule: The contest unfolds in stages, leading to a grand finale where the winner takes the spotlight.
  • Prizes: The grand ovation includes a NewBeauty feature, a cash prize, and a spa retreat that echoes the tranquility of a perfect melody.
  • Conduct: Harmonize with the contest’s spirit, and let any disputes be resolved through the art of conversation and agreement in Arizona.

The Final Chorus: Vote for Franca Jalloh

As we bridge the gap between global music and individual beauty, your vote for Franca Jalloh is more than a gesture; it’s a note in the symphony of life that celebrates women’s empowerment. So, let the beats drop and the votes rise with your help!

👉 Cast your vote here and be part of the movement that cheers for the fabulous forties and beyond!

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